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Bilingual Program


Providing private practices with revenue-driven business solutions. Increase your caseload and revenue immediately upon implementation, by expanding your client base and offering quality bilingual services to clients in your community.

Meet Dr. Morelli

Meet Karla

Headshot of Karla Morelli

Dr. Karla Morelli, SLP.D, CCC-SLP

Consulting Director and Bilingual  Speech-Language Pathologist

Dr. Karla Morelli, SLP.D, CCC-SLP is a bilingual ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist, with experience working with children and adults in various settings. She brings over 20 years of practice experience, understanding of clinical operations, and cultural and linguistic knowledge to KarDi Bilingual Consulting. 


As a bilingual consultant, Dr. Morelli works closely with therapy clinics and school districts, to improve their cultural and linguistic competence.  In 2009, Dr. Morelli received the ASHA Diversity Champions Award for her involvement of advocating with school administrators for appropriate services to all students, regardless of language background. In addition to bilingualism, other areas of specialization include Selective Mutism, Anxiety Disorders, Executive Function, Learning and Language Disorders, and Behavioral Disorders.


For the past 11 years, Dr. Morelli has worked closely with therapy clinic owners to not only increase the diversity and cultural competence of their administrative and therapy teams, but to also increase the diversity, retention, and overall satisfaction of the clients they serve. She strives to work with clinic owners and other administrators, to develop a sustainable bilingual program; leading to ongoing practice growth, increased revenue, staff satisfaction, and client retention.

"I help clinics build their bilingual teams, to increase cultural and linguistic competence AND increase referrals and revenue."
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 “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

~ Anthony Chehov


Are you ready to develop or advance your bilingual therapy program?

Every practice is unique, and so is every solution. Our services are designed to help you meet your practice goals. Some of the most common ways to quickly boost your ability to confidently serve bilingual clients are:

Clinic Audits
  • Develop a clear picture of top referral streams.

  • Understand the need to create systems to ensure compliance.

  • Understand how bilingual staffs' skills are/can be utilized in the most effective manner.

  • Create cultural and linguistic competency goals.

Bilingual CFY Supervision
  • Understand key components when hiring bilingual CF’s.

  • Increase retention of CF’s, post CFY, by investing in diverse clinical assessments and materials.

  • Understand guidelines for administering standardized and qualitative assessments.

Hiring Bilingual Therapists
  • Mainstream hiring process of bilingual therapists.

  • Customize job postings to increase bilingual candidate applications.

  • Distribute bilingual caseloads more evenly.

  • Increase MD referrals by increasing the availability of bilingual service providers.

Working with Interpreters
  • Understand the value and investment of collaborating with an interpreter.

  • Understand how to  work with an interpreter, or how to train bilingual staff.

  • Be able to determine when to work with an interpreter, for how long, and when/how to transition to not having an interpreter present during therapy.

How it Works

How It Works

Referral sources and referral numbers will increase.
Staff and therapists will have the knowledge and ability to engage with and serve clients of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
Client engagement and retention will go up.
Revenue goals will be met.

Schedule a discovery call

During our call, we will learn about your practice goals, answer your questions, and explain our services and process.

Engage in a complimentary clinic audit

Just like the evaluations you provide for your clients, our clinic audit is a systematic way of looking at your program and clinic, to understand strengths, preferences, and areas for improvement.

Review findings, set goals, receive a personalized consulting package proposal

At KarDi Bilingual Consulting, it is our mission to develop programming so your clinic can become the leading bilingual clinic in your community, by providing diverse and competent therapy services to your clients.

Develop or advance your practice's bilingual program

A customized plan will be the framework for your practice's bilingual program. Your goals will drive our programming, and together we will advance your ability to work with bilingual/multilingual clients.

Multicolored post-it notes with people stick figures representing the concepts of diversity and inclusion

Is your practice ready?

It is estimated that by 2030, English Language Learners (ELL’s)  will account for approximately 40% of the school population. These numbers are currently higher in States like California, where the percentages of ELL’s is approximately 60%-70%.*

Speakers of other languages will continue increasing in the United States, with a continuous shortage of bilingual service providers. Of those bilingual service providers, most will enter the workforce with little to no training in working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations. 

*Roseberry-McKibbin, C., and Brice, A. (n.d.). Acquiring English as a Second Language, What’s “Normal”, What’s Not. Retrieved from on 10/1/2020.


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